FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) Program

The FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) Certification Program is a product certification program intended to certify edge and IoT device implementations of FDO. These connected devices are components defined in the FDO specification, certification requirements, and policy documentation.

FDO Certification is intended to certify, evaluate, and validate functional and security characteristics, or functional-only characteristics, depending on the component, enabling edge node and IoT device vendors to prove that their solutions adhere to the security and interoperability requirements of the FDO specifications and requirements. Achieving certification allows vendors to demonstrate their products are high quality and at low risk of cyber-threats, while deploying companies can ensure devices will interoperate seamlessly and securely within IoT and distributed computing infrastructures.

Assessment of the functional characteristics is achieved by successfully completing Functional Certification, and similarly, security characteristics are assessed by successfully completing Security Certification. 

Certifiable Implementations of FDO include:

  1. Device Onboarding (DO) Services: a component of the device Management Service and connected device platform, rather than a separate network service, constructed to perform FIDO Device Onboard protocols on behalf of the Owner.
  2. Devices: are manufactured devices enabled with FDO and ready for provisioning, also known as ‘End Products,’ like PCs, gateways, security cameras, etc. [Subsequent reference and naming might also include “FDO-Enabled Devices”, having the same meaning as “Devices”.]
  3. Rendezvous Servers (RV): a server configured to connect and register a Device implementing FDO with an Owner.

Functional Certification is required for all certifiable implementations: Device Onboarding (DO) Services, Devices, and Rendezvous Servers (RV). Security Certification is required for Device Onboarding Services and Devices meeting the FDO Security and Privacy requirements.

Successful certification allows products to be recognized as FIDO Certified products, allowing usage of the associated logo.

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