FIDO’s certification programs are a critical element in ensuring an interoperable ecosystem of products and services that organizations can leverage to deploy FIDO Authentication solutions worldwide. The FIDO Alliance currently offers programs for its core specifications (FIDO2, UAF and FDO) as well as programs for biometric components and remote identity proofing technologies to promote security and interoperability throughout account lifecycles.

Benefits of FIDO Certification programs

FIDO certification brings benefits to vendors, deploying organizations and end users alike.   For vendors, achieving FIDO certification validates to customers the integrity of their product in that it adheres to the FIDO specifications and/or global requirements. Certification also best-positions these vendors to respond to the growing number of RFPs that list FIDO certification as a requirement for bid submission. Authenticator vendors can further differentiate themselves from competitors by certifying the security characteristics of their implementations, which is reflected in corresponding certification marks at one of three levels.

For deploying organizations, FIDO certification programs enables them to select best-of-breed authentication solutions, biometrics and remote identity proofing solutions that have been proven to adhere to globally recognized requirements, saving them the time and costs of associated with 1-1 vendor evaluations.

FIDO Alliance actively promotes members with FIDO Certified product offerings, through unique opportunities to showcase FIDO Certified solutions at conferences, seminars and through the FIDO Certified Showcase.

The FIDO Certified program is open to members and non-members alike, although FIDO Alliance members uniquely will receive discounts on certification testing and also be exposed to added co-marketing opportunities.


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