Begin building trust among device owners connecting to other services and start the steps for FDO Certification. The program is open to FIDO Members and non-members alike, although FIDO Alliance Members will receive discounts on certification fees and be exposed to added co-marketing opportunities.

Supported Specification Versions

FDO Certification is currently available for three implementation classes: 1) Device Onboarding Services (DO), 2) Devices (FDO-Enabled Devices, i.e., End Products), and 3) Rendezvous Servers implemented against FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) version 1.1.

When a new FDO Specification version is approved as a Proposed Standard, and test tools are available for the new version, any implementations applying for FIDO Certification may implement the new version. A new version refers to a version within the same specification family, for example, FDO v1.1 upgrading to FDO v2.0.

A specification version is considered Available for Certification (Certification Availability Date) when the first Interoperability Event can be held for the new version. For a valid, official interoperability test, there must be two of each implementation class, where each of the two implementations in each class must be from a different implementer company.

Certification Policies and Requirements

The FIDO Certification Team administers the governance of the FDO Certification Program, including operationalizing and adhering to the guidelines that are enclosed in the certification policy and requirements documentation. Although the Certification Process Overview page outlines the steps for certification, reference the FDO Certification Policy and Requirements documentation for complete program details.

Like supported specification versions, FDO Requirements and Certification Policies are versioned based on program updates, and a Sunset Date begins when the availability of a new policy or requirement version becomes Available for Certification (Certification Availability Date).     

Requirements, certification policies, and other administrative documents are available on the Resource Documentation program page.   

FIDO Alliance is the Certification entity for all approvals related to FIDO Certification Programs.

How to Start Certification

Step 1: Application

To begin the FDO Certification process, the Vendor must complete the FDO Certification Application, and the FIDO Certification Secretariat will approve and confirm receipt. The application is intended to provide FIDO Certification with administrative details about the certifying Vendor, as well as provide general information about the implementation(s) seeking FDO Certification.

The certification application is available here.

Additionally, if not already completed by the certifying Company, the Vendor must complete and submit a FIDO Certification Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the Certification Secretariat at:

Step 2: Conformance Testing

The Vendor self-administers and successfully completes FDO Conformance Testing by using the test tools and submitting results to the FIDO Certification Secretariat for any implementation seeking FDO Certification.

Please reference the Functional Certification program page for more information about FDO Conformance Testing.

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