FIDO Certified Professional Program

A FIDO Certified Professional is an identity and authentication expert who helps organizations deploy and integrate FIDO standards by analyzing business requirements and proposing a FIDO architecture that ensures secure authentication processes.

The FIDO Certified Professional program evaluates expertise across five content areas:

Deploying FIDO Authentication Solutions

Analyzing Business Requirements

Designing and Implementing Business and Technical Requirements

Validating Business and Technical Requirements for Implementation

Educating Others about Authentication

Certification through this program proves advanced knowledge and technical skills to analyze, validate, design, deploy, and educate on secure authentication systems using FIDO.

Who should be certified?

Technology Architects

Senior level engineering professionals who are responsible for a broad set of projects across an organization.

Security Professionals

Individuals who typically might get a CISSP or similar who understand that the vast majority of security breaches are due to lost or stolen passwords. Can be a tremendous asset and give FIDO voice in the broader security community.

Identity & Access Management Professionals

Individuals who are directly responsible for the organization’s authentication initiatives. This is a rapidly growing department of organizations and certification can ensure that FIDO gets prioritized as part of any digital transformation or identity management initiatives.

Systems & Operations Engineers

Infrastructure and devops engineers who are responsible for the critical infrastructure and automation across an enterprise.

Why get certified?


• Competitive advantage
• Execute projects with increased efficiency
• Increase earning potential
• Validation of knowledge and skills
• Build professional credibility


• Staff with knowledge and expertise
• Increases credibility within the marketplace
• Improved efficiency and risk reduction
• Added benefit for employees

How to certify

The certification program will open in early 2022. Fill out the form below to be contacted about news, updates and testing availability for the FIDO Certified Professional Program.

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