A FIDO Certified Professional is an identity and authentication expert who helps organizations deploy and integrate FIDO standards by analyzing business requirements and proposing a FIDO architecture that ensures secure authentication processes.

The FIDO Certified Professional program evaluates expertise across five content areas:

Deploying FIDO Authentication Solutions

Analyzing Business Requirements

Designing and Implementing Business and Technical Requirements

Validating Business and Technical Requirements for Implementation

Educating Others about Authentication

Certification through this program proves advanced knowledge and technical skills to analyze, validate, design, deploy, and educate on secure authentication systems using FIDO.

Why get certified?


• Competitive advantage
• Execute projects with increased efficiency
• Increase earning potential
• Validation of knowledge and skills
• Build professional credibility


• Staff with knowledge and expertise
• Increases credibility within the marketplace
• Improved efficiency and risk reduction
• Added benefit for employees

Benefits of maintaining certification:

• Collaborate with like minded individuals as part of the FIDO Certified Professional group
• Gain access to special networking events
• Access to industry special news releases
• Collaborate with other industry conference/certifications
• Access to discounted CPE opportunities

How to certify

Before scheduling an exam appointment, you must complete the FIDO Certified Professional Exam application and pay your fees.

After submitting your application, you will receive an authorization-to-test confirmation email from the FIDO Alliance Certification Team with further instructions to schedule your exam.

More information about the certification process and exam are available in the FIDO Certified Professional Candidate Handbook