What is FIDO?

FIDO Authentication is the Answer to the World's Password Problem

Passwords are the root cause
of over
80% of data breaches

Users have more than
90 online accounts

Up to 51% of
passwords are reused

1/3 of online purchases abandoned
due to forgotten passwords

$70: average help desk labor cost
for a single password reset

FIDO Authentication is the Industry’s Answer

FIDO Authentication is the Industry’s Answer

Based on free and open standards from the FIDO Alliance, FIDO Authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast login experiences across websites and apps

Benefits for Your Organization

Mitigate data breach risks and damages

Deploy FIDO-enabled services to a rapidly growing addressable market

Low-friction user experience = more site visitors, brand affinity, employee productivity

Certification program ensures interoperability and security across your supply chain

Standards-based approach future-proofs your authentication investment

Huge cost-savings through avoidance of password resets, device provisioning, customer support

Addresses a Variety of Authentication Use Cases

Passwordless authentication

Second-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

How People Use FIDO

Security key

Facial recognition



Supported Natively in Browsers and Platforms

Simpler Authentication: Fast and Convenient Logins

Reduces the need to remember and type passwords

Works with the same devices that people use every day

One device works across all services

Strong Authentication: Resistant to Phishing and Other Common Attacks

Based on public key cryptography

Keys stay on device

Biometrics, if used, never leave device

No linkability between services or accounts

Backed by the World's Technology Leaders

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