FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Certification Policy

This policy governs the document testing certification aspects of the FIDO Certification Program. It defines the overall process of the DocAuth certification and also answers questions around recertification.

Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Certification Policy v1.0 (ACTIVE): HTML | PDF

FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Vendor NDA

Non-disclosure Agreement to be signed by document validation (document reader) solution Vendors (Implementers) completing DocAuth certification.

Download: PDF

FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Requirements

This document defines the requirements and test procedures for document authenticity (DocAuth) certification.

FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Requirements v1.0 (ACTIVE): HTML | PDF

FIDO Document Authenticity (DocAuth) Test Plan Template

This document contains a template for a test plan template for a document validation (document reader) solution.

Download: PDF

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