Tool Request Agreement

The FIDO Alliance collects and processes personal data as described in the FIDO Alliance Privacy Policy available here. Tool Requestor shall inform all Tool Requestor personnel interacting with the FIDO Alliance on behalf of Tool Requestor that their business contact information and certain other personal data about such individuals may be collected and processed by the FIDO Alliance in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and that such personal data will be transmitted to the FIDO Alliance in the United States, where the laws may not be as protective of such data as the laws in the country where the data subject resides.  Tool Requestor shall obtain any consent from such individuals to the extent required by law to allow for such processing.  As described in the Privacy Policy, a party located in the European Union or the European Economic Area wishing to exercise rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) with respect to such Personal Data may contact the Data Protection Officer at