Enterprises still leveraging phishable authentication such as passwords and SMS one-time passwords are rapidly moving to FIDO authentication-based sign-ins with passkeys.

Learn how FIDO authentication fits into your enterprise environment

Enterprises still leveraging phishable authentication such as passwords and SMS one-time passwords are rapidly moving to FIDO authentication-based sign-ins with passkeys. FIDO authentication reduces the risk of phishing and eliminates credential reuse. It also helps increase productivity and lower costs – it has been proven to improve the speed and ease of authenticating employees, contractors, suppliers or other professionals during digital transactions and when accessing services. Enterprises evaluating FIDO and considering implementing sign-ins with passkeys should read on for information and guidance on how to advance their FIDO deployments while meeting their varying use cases and requirements.

Considerations for passkeys in the enterprise

The FIDO Enterprise Deployment Working Group (EDWG) developed a series of white papers that provide guidance for leaders and practitioners considering passkeys, scaling from SMBs to large enterprises. Read the series to understand the key decision points for identifying which solutions are a good fit across different enterprise use cases.

Introduction: Deploying Passkeys in the Enterprise

This introductory paper provides an overview of the benefits of passkeys in the enterprise and provides a glossary of common terms to be used in conjunction with the other papers in this series.

Replacing Password-Only Authentication with Passkeys in the Enterprise

This white paper describes the need for a more secure and convenient solution for authentication. Passwords have long been the standard for authentication, but the risks inherent to passwords reduce their efficacy as an authentication mechanism. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions have been on market for some time, but their widespread adoption has been slow due to various barriers. Passkeys are an authentication solution that reduces the adoption barriers of traditional MFA mechanisms, while offering improved security, ease of use, and scalability over passwords and classic MFA solutions. Passkeys utilize on-device biometrics or PINs for authentication and provide a seamless user experience. This white paper outlines the benefits of passkeys, the user experience, and adoption considerations for enterprises.

Displace Password + OTP Authentication with Passkeys

This whitepaper compares OTPs as an additional authentication factor to passwords and passkeys in terms of security, user experience and ease of deployment. And it provides general guidance about migrating from OTPs to passkeys in order to improve user experience while strengthening the organization’s overall security posture.

FIDO Authentication for Moderate Assurance Use Cases

This white paper provides guidance for organizations as they analyze the abilities and features of both device-bound passkeys and synced passkeys to determine how both credential types can be utilized in a moderate assurance environment. The paper compares features and requirements that are supported by device-bound and synced passkeys, providing a vision of how both types of credentials can be utilized together in an organization that has moderate assurance needs.

High Assurance Enterprise FIDO Authentication

This white paper addresses specific considerations for determining the appropriate type of passkey for enterprises that require high levels of identity assurance, have internal security policies, or need to meet regulatory requirements.

Certified Products Showcase

The FIDO Company Showcase highlights FIDO Alliance members and their FIDO Certified solutions. The Showcase is a great resource for anyone looking to deploy FIDO authentication. Each showcase entry provides details about a company’s FIDO Certified products and solutions and how they can get you on the path to simpler, stronger FIDO Authentication. A full list of all FIDO Certified products is also available.

Design System and UX Guidelines

The FIDO Alliance Design System is an adaptable collection of UX principles, journeys, patterns, content, and UI Kit (a Figma file) created by the FIDO Alliance. Product designers, product managers, and engineers use it to kick-start their FIDO projects.