Conformance self‐validation testing is a required step of the certification process. Self‐validation results submitted through the corresponding test tools must be confirmed by FIDO’s Certification Secretariat  at least 14 days before attending an interoperability event to ensure that implementations are at least minimally compliant with the specifications. Conformance testing is available for all FIDO protocols.

The test tools can be used as part of the development process to ensure that implementations are conformant with the specifications as they are being developed. When an implementation is ready for the official test, simply select that the test being run is an official test and the results will be logged as part of the official records.

Access to the UAF, U2F, and FIDO2 Conformance Test Tool will be provided to participants upon successful completion of registration. This access will grant you to the conformance tools for all protocols including directions for running. Prior to using the test tool, authenticator implementers must register for a Vendor ID. See Vendor ID Registration below.

NOTE: All tests for the implementation (i.e. authenticator, client/authenticator combo, or server) must be run and passed prior to participating in an interop event. This includes all tests related to metadata service tests.

Vendor ID and Metadata Registration

UAF Authenticators are required to register for a Vendor ID on a one‐time‐per‐company basis. Please begin the process at registration. More details about metadata are included in the “Help” section of the UAF Test Tool.

To view the list of the currently assigned Vendor IDs please visit the Vendor ID page.

*** Note that U2F implementations, UAF Servers, UAF Clients and FIDO2 implementations do not need a Vendor ID. ***