After passing both conformance and interoperability testing, the implementation may be submitted for certification. This requires that the following be submitted:

Please note that the time it takes to process these requests may vary and is dependent on the receipt of payment of certification fees.

Relying Party Logo Usage

Relying Parties using FIDO® Certified Servers are invited to use the appropriate UAF, U2F and FIDO2 logos with their services. By using the FIDO Logos, Relying Parties agree to abide by the terms for Relying Party Logo Usage.

FIDO User Authentication Certification Fees

Fees are assessed per certified implementation and must be paid before the issuance of FIDO® Certified Certificate documentation.

User Authentication Certification Fees for Authenticators are assessed per certified implementation. For an overview of the different security levels and requirements that can impact certification fees, please review the Authenticator Certification page. Additionally, for an overview of the different authenticator scenarios following the certification of a base Certified product, please review the Authenticator Certification Scenarios page.

FIDO Certification FeesFIDO MemberNon-Member
Authenticator (Functional) Certification$6,000 USD$9,000 USD
Authenticator Security Level 1 (L1) CertificationIncluded*Included*
Authenticator Security Levels 1+ and higher Certification$9,000 USD$13,500 USD
Authenticator Derivative Certification$1,000 USD$1,500 USD
Authenticator Delta Certification$1,200 USD$1,800 USD
Server (Functional) Certification$6,000 USD$9,000 USD
Server Derivative Certification$1,000 USD$1,500 USD
*Authenticators completing L1 are required to pay the Functional Certification Fee. There is no additional fee for L1 Security Certification.