FIDO currently accredits Security Labs to perform FIDO Security Evaluations as part of Authenticator Level 1+ and higher Certification.

Accredited Security Laboratory List

FIDO is accepting applications for Accreditation (see process below), and new Accredited Laboratories will be added once they are issued an Accreditation Certificate.

Laboratory Accreditation Process

The full Accreditation process and requirements for laboratories is defined in the Security Laboratory Accreditation Policy.

  1. Review the FIDO Security Laboratory Accreditation Policy, ensure your lab meets the minimum third-party accreditation requirements (below).
  2. Complete the FIDO Accreditation Application Form and submit it to FIDO.
  3. If the application is Approved, schedule an on-boarding call with the FIDO Security Secretariat.
  4. Complete the Legal Agreements.
  5. Schedule Training and Knowledge Testing.
  6. Pay Accreditation Fees, Create a FIDO Account for Approved Evaluators, and Complete the Accreditation Certificate Request.

Third-Party Accreditation Requirements

A laboratory must have Accreditation from at least one of these ISO 17025 programs:

Scope Program Area of Accreditation
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – ITST Cryptographic and Security Testing Basic Cryptographic and Security Testing
Cryptographic Modules – HW & SW Testing
ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – ITST Common Criteria Testing CC Testing

Additionally, the laboratory must have Accreditation from at least one of the following Accepted Third-Party Accreditations:

Program Accreditation URL
Common Criteria CC Licensed Lab
FIPS 140-2 NVLAP Information Technology Security Testing (ITST) Cryptographic and Security Testing
CCTL NVLAP Information Technology Security Testing (ITST) Common Criteria Testing
GlobalPlatform TEE TEE Accredited Laboratory
EMVCo EMVCo Lab Accreditation
China Information Security Certification Center (ISCCC) National Information Security Product Certification OrganizationInformation Security Risk Assessment Service Qualification Organization

FIDO Laboratory Accreditation Fees

The following fees apply to Laboratory Accreditation:

Fee Type Member Non-Member
Initial Accreditation Fee* $11,500 USD $15,000 USD
Yearly Fee* $3,800 USD $5,000 USD
Renewal Assessment Fee $11,500 USD $15,000 USD

Initial Accreditation Fee
The Initial Accreditation Fee is due prior to the issuance of the Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

Yearly Fee
The yearly fee will be invoiced and due in January. The Yearly Fee does not apply on years where there is a Renewal Assessment Fee.

Renewal Assessment Fee
The Renewal Assessment fee will be due every three years from the Certificate Issuance date. Laboratories are required to complete the Renewal Assessment process prior to the expiration of their Certificate.

*FIDO Alliance has special pricing for labs that are seeking, or wishing to add, more than one type of lab accreditation (i.e. security and biometric). Please contact for this special pricing.

Accredited Laboratory Dashboard

Accredited Laboratories can Login to view their Dashboard.