FIDO® Trademark and Service Mark Usage Agreement for Websites: EXHIBIT A

Do not reproduce these examples. Upon execution of the FIDO Alliance Trademark and Service Mark Usage Agreement for Websites and qualifying to use the appropriate Marks, COMPANY will receive access to the following electronic logo art files.

(a) Marks

Word Marks:
FIDO Alliance
FIDO Authentication
FIDO Certified


Current Logos:

Conditions on use: The FIDO Certified logo may be used on websites by itself, or may be accompanied with one of the following snap-ons that must correspond with the implemented FIDO Certified server:

Functional Certification Snap-ons: 

Functional Certification Snap-ons with Universal Server logo: 

(b) Trademark Attribution Footnote: The FIDO, FIDO ALLIANCE, FIDO AUTHENTICATION, FIDO CERTIFIED and FIDO2 trademarks and the FIDO and Passkey logos are trademarks of FIDO Alliance.