2022 FIDO Alliance Public Seminar – Korea

FIDO Alliance, which aims to develop simpler and stronger online authentication standard technology that does not require passwords and to build a global ecosystem, will hold offline public seminars in Korea.


Authenticate Virtual Summit: Securely Onboarding All the Things: The FIDO Fit in IoT

There are deep-rooted issues within the IoT – devices shipping with default passwords and the slow, expensive and insecure manual onboarding process leave devices, and the networks they operate on, open to large-scale attack. This is compounded by a lack of security standards and typical processes within the IoT. The FIDO Alliance formed the IoT […]

How the Peel Regional Police Found the Right Authentication Solution for Them

The Peel Regional Police (PRP) team is the second largest municipal police service in Canada with 2,100 uniformed members and close to 875 support staff. Composed of five major divisions supported by community police stations, the team is responsible for a broad range of policing duties from airport security and traffic to community-related services and […]


FIDO Seminar in Japan

To a world without passwords Multi-device compatible FIDO authentication credentials (passkey) - The latest trends While there is a demand for a new authentication mechanism that does not rely on conventional passwords, the FIDO Alliance to achieve both security and convenience by formulating and certifying specifications for simple and robust authentication technology that utilizes public key cryptography. We are striving to standardize […]

Interop Event – 13-16 December 2022

Interoperability Testing Event: FIDO UAF, FIDO U2F & FIDO2  Interoperability testing events are a forum for implementers to gather and validate that their implementations are compatible with each other. This means that each implementer will test out their implementation with those of other implementers. For example, a FIDO UAF Client will test with all UAF Servers and […]

Webinar: Making FIDO Deployments Accessible to Users with Disabilities

In achieving FIDO Alliance’s mission of more secure and password-free authentication, we must ensure the needs and preferences of people with disabilities—an estimated 15% of the world’s population—are taken into account. Join this webinar to hear from accessibility experts from FIDO Alliance board member companies Meta and VMware to learn how to make your FIDO […]

Virtual Cybersecurity Policy Forum: Identity, Authentication and the Road Ahead

2023 brings a new year and a new Congress – but America is still struggling with many of the same old problems when it comes to digital identity and authentication. Passwords keep getting phished, new account fraud keeps growing, and companies and consumers continue to struggle to prove that they are not a proverbial “dog […]

Augmenting Identity Security with CBA—Even with an Existing IAM System in Place

Certificate-based authentication (CBA) is fast becoming the preferred approach for authentication with organizations that are looking for a more-secure, phishing-resistant form of multi-factor authentication (MFA). This approach not only addresses recent White House mandates to strengthen overall cybersecurity practices, but it also delivers operational benefits that are critical for organizations that need to manage the […]

Taipei Seminar

FIDO, The Cornerstone of Identity Security Dealing with the changes during Covid-19 pandemic, people rely more and more on on-line activities. At the same time, hackers increasingly can exploit system vulnerabilities, use social engineering and phishing attacks on information systems of enterprises and governments to steal personal information and business secrets. All these challenges really […]

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