Passwords are as old as computers – but are still considered insecure and cumbersome. But now there is hope: “Passkey” is the name of a new procedure in which you don’t have to remember passwords or type in codes – and it’s still more secure. Behind it is FIDO, an alliance of large IT companies. SRF digital editor Peter Buchmann explains what it’s about.


InfoSecurity Magazine: #Infosec2024: CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

Passwordless systems, even if they stop short of a full zero-trust environment, improve convenience as…

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SC Media: Identiverse 2024: Deepfakes, passkeys and more

Two predominant themes stood out at last week’s Identiverse 2024 conference in Las Vegas. First,…

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CXMToday: Visa Unveils Card Updates

Built on the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards, the Visa Payment Passkey Service confirms a…

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