Identity verification is mission-critical to ensure a user’s identity is accurately and securely verified in the authentication process.

  • New threats and rising consumer demand are making robust identity verification more urgent.
  • Organizations need trusted solutions to ensure routine activities, such as user on-boarding and off-boarding, and account recovery are secure and tested to meet globally recognized standards.
  • Resilient identity verification for user document authentication and biometrics are key to connecting the digital and physical worlds in the authentication process.

When applied within a remote technology ecosystem, identity verification for user authentication should be carefully managed to minimize security risks, ensure a seamless user experience, and support compliance readiness.

Build Resilience with Identity Verification Certifications

Technology providers can now certify their solutions for remote identity verification scenarios with The FIDO Alliance’s identity verification certification programs. With these programs, providers can demonstrate their solutions meet FIDO’s open standards for remote identity verification and are fit for commercial use.

  • Document Authentication (DocAuth): This certification demonstrates remote technology providers can verify the government-issued identity documents of their users. Certified providers test their solutions against FIDO standards to prove a user’s identity can be validated with an identification document for account creation, FIDO authentication, account recovery, and password resets.
  • Face Verification: Similarly to DocAuth, this certification offers technology providers a mechanism to validate that “Selfie Match” solutions can accurately match a user’s “selfie” to a trusted government-issued ID, like a passport or driver’s license. Certified providers test for reliability, usability, and security to ensure their technology meets globally recognized standards for face verification that is accurate, including testing for liveness and potential for bias.

Based on ISO industry standards and certified by accredited independent laboratories, The FIDO Alliance’s certification process includes industry-sourced frameworks and rigorous testing to ensure solution providers maintain secure identity verification in authentication processes while minimizing the reputational risks of excluding users. Certified solution providers can leverage these programs and achieve independent global validation with The FIDO Alliance as a better way to quality assure identity verification and fast-track passwordless.

Meet Outcomes with Identification Verification Certifications

Providers choose to get certified to demonstrate they maintain the highest levels of security, usability, and accessibility across their identity verification use cases to establish strong, secure authentication.  Attaining certifications in FIDO’s identification verification programs addresses multiple security, compliance, and accessibility requirements. 

Organizations can take a unified approach to ensure identity verification processes using document authentication and face verification certifications to win customers, build resilience, and prepare to meet security and compliance requirements. FIDO’s in-depth certification methodologies provide quality and security assurance to stakeholders, including end users, consumers, third-party providers, and auditors. 

  • Both certifications utilize FIDO Accredited Laboratories to test and evaluate solutions that require identity verification using document authenticity and face verification.
  • Certified providers can then demonstrate to customers, prospects, and auditors their solutions have undergone independent testing and security validation to meet FIDO’s performance criteria and are ready for commercial use. 

Benefits of FIDO Certifications

Certification is the unsung hero of technology, working in the background to ensure ecosystems work harmoniously. Solution providers who invest in certification can stand out in a competitive market, while showcasing a commitment to excellence and trustworthiness. The value of FIDO certification results from three core pillars to benefit all stakeholders involved. 

  • Built on proven ISO standards and contributions from The FIDO Alliance, crafted in alignment with industry and government frameworks for authentication.
  • Requirements defined by an international authority of stakeholders from industry, government, and subject matter experts.
  • Tested by an independent network of accredited laboratories worldwide.

Upon completion, certified providers can publicly list their offering in FIDO’s Certified Products database, access FIDO trademarked logos for sales and marketing use (subject to agreement), and demonstrate certification status with a FIDO-issued certificate.

Ready to start Identity Verification Certification?

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