Passwords are archaic, and a danger to enterprise security. Now the accepted standard for multi-factor authentication (MFA), FIDO Authentication can be deployed in the enterprise for easier and secure access to corporate networks, applications, and workstations. Organizations that adopt FIDO will experience profound improvements in security, helpdesk costs, user experience, and productivity. But where to start? Attend this webinar to learn about considerations for deploying FIDO in the enterprise, including how to gradually rollout FIDO authentication and select the right authenticators and the right server policies for the right user cases. This webinar will provide essential education for any organization that wants to get started on eliminating passwords and securing the simple act of logging on within their company. View the slides.


Salah Machani, Director of Technology, RSA Security
Shane Weeden,  Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
Moderator: John Fontana, Solutions Analyst, Yubico


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