Intuit is the global financial technology platform that powers prosperity for more than 100 million consumers and businesses around the world using TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks and Mailchimp. To execute on a user-centric focus, Intuit’s customer authentication products team, led by Rakan Khalid, Intuit Group Product Manager, Identity, justifies and prioritizes development of new authentication capabilities based on user research, security trends and technology advancements in the industry. This has led to an overarching strategy that emphasizes secure and convenient authentication experiences on its platform.

Intuit saw the potential of the FIDO Alliance early on and began a multi-year FIDO journey in 2018 to reduce customer friction and enhance security – all at lower operating costs. Join this webinar to learn why and how Intuit deployed FIDO, the challenges faced and benefits achieved, and get a sneak peek into how Intuit plans to leverage passkeys to further enhance its FIDO rollout!


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Webinar: Next-Gen Authentication: Implementing Passkeys for your Digital Services

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Video: FIDO Alliance Webinar: How to use FIDO with the EUDI Wallet

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