This white paper describes the need for a more secure and convenient solution for authentication. Passwords have long been the standard for authentication, but the risks inherent to passwords reduce their efficacy as an authentication mechanism. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions have been on market for some time, but their widespread adoption has been slow due to various barriers. Passkeys are an authentication solution that reduces the adoption barriers of traditional MFA mechanisms, while offering improved security, ease of use, and scalability over passwords and classic MFA solutions. Passkeys utilize on-device biometrics or PINs for authentication and provide a seamless user experience. This white paper outlines the benefits of passkeys, the user experience, and adoption considerations for enterprises.


White Paper: FIDO Attestation: Enhancing Trust, Privacy, and Interoperability in Passwordless Authentication

This document intends to provide a comprehensive understanding of attestation’s role in enhancing and advancing…

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White Paper: Synced Passkey Deployment: Emerging Practices for Consumer Use Cases

This paper explores the emerging practices surrounding the use of synced passkeys which allow passkey…

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White Paper: Addressing FIDO Alliance’s Technologies in Post Quantum World

There has been considerable press, a number of papers, and several formal initiatives concerned with…

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