There has been considerable press, a number of papers, and several formal initiatives concerned with quantum computing’s impact on cryptographic algorithms and protocols. Most standards development organizations are addressing concerns about the impact on the security of the currently deployed cryptographic algorithms and protocols. This paper presents FIDO Alliance initiatives that address the impact of quantum computing on the Alliance’s specifications and how the FIDO Alliance is working to retain the long-term value provided by products and services based on the FIDO Alliance specifications. 

This paper is directed to those who have or are considering FIDO-enabled products and solutions but have concerns about the impact of Quantum Computing on their business. This paper will focus, from a high-level approach, on the FIDO Alliance’s acknowledgment of issues related to Quantum Computing and explain how the FIDO Alliance is taking appropriate steps to provide a seamless transition from the current cryptographic algorithms and protocols to new PQC (or quantum-safe) algorithms in a timely manner.

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