FIDO Alliance Developer Challenge: Go Passwordless with Stronger, Simpler FIDO Authentication

FIDO Authentication is the answer to the world’s password problem. Based on free and open standards from the FIDO Alliance, FIDO Authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with simpler and stronger login experiences across websites and apps.

Supporting the developer community is a priority for the Alliance and a key element to driving market adoption of FIDO Authentication standards. Building upon the FIDO Alliances’s success in Korea over the last two years, we are expanding the challenge program worldwide to engage and empower developers to accelerate service deployment with out-of-box ideas.

Join the exciting passwordless movement by participating in 2021 FIDO Alliance Developer Challenge. Share your experience going passwordless by implementing the FIDO2 WebAuthn API to win prizes and be recognized among the global FIDO community!

Please watch the following video to learn about the outcomes and winners.

FIDO VC Roundtable SIZZLE:

Meet Our Judges

Vittorio Bertocci, Principal Architect, Auth0
Dennis Hills, Solutions Architect, Yubico
Andrew Jun, VP of Product Dev., TrustKey
Eiji Kitamura, Developer Advocate, Google
Bill Leddy, VP of Authentication & Identity, LoginID
Jaehyoung Lee, CTSO, Octatco
Felix Magedanz, Founder & CEO, Hanko
Kyungjoon Park, Security Engineer, LINE

Virtual Developer Challenge Schedule

The FIDO Alliance Developer Challenge program is divided into the following schedule:

July 9: Registration deadline
July 16: Initial screenings & top 20 team cut-off
August 27: FIDO2 API implementation
September 10: Final evaluations
September 17: Announcement of the top 3 winners
Late October: Final demo and award ceremony

*The schedule may change with advance notification.

FIDO Rewards and Opportunities

FIDO Certification
FIDO Giveaways and Awards
Authenticate 2021 Speaker Opportunity
FIDO-Community Networking

Anticipated Project Team and Members

The program is open to students, individual developers only or pre-seed stage companies only.  The team members must be above the age of majority in the country, state, province or jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry.

For more information, click on the Developer Challenge sub pages at the top left of this page.

Why Passwordless?

The World Economic Forum assesses that cybercrime costs the global economy $2.9 million every minute; about 80% of the attacks targeted passwords. The Gartner Group’s recent research indicates that 20~25% of all helpdesk calls are password reset requests. FIDO Alliance’s recent survey on consumer behavior says that 58% of abandoned online purchases are due to the difficulty of managing passwords.

Although passwords have always been the weakest link in cybersecurity, adaptation of passwordless authentication has been a challenging task.

However, the recent global pandemic has drastically accelerated the willingness of and the need for organizations to embrace passwordless FIDO Authentication. The growing number of devices supporting FIDO coupled with the availability of a public WebAuthn API makes this challenge more addressable than ever before.