Getting Started for Developers

Learn More About FIDO Authentication

See tutorials from the May 2019 FIDO Developer Workshop – including tutorials on Getting Started With WebAuthn (from Duo Security), Securing a Web App with FIDO Security Keys (from Yubico) and WebAuthn for Web and FIDO2 for Android (from Google)

Review Yuriy Ackermann’s presentation on developing WebAuthn from the January 2018 FIDO Developer Workshop and follow along with the code from his GitHub repo.

Read the Mozilla Developer Network page on Web Authentication.

Check out Duo’s demo & testing site.

Visit (developed by FIDO member StrongKey) for a step-by-step guide on how to implement a FIDO2 web app.

Check out Singular Key’s WebAuthn demo and documentation site to understand and experience how FIDO works. You can also download their open-source demo apps on GitHub for Web and Native Mobile Apps using FIDO2 for Android and iOS at

FIDO Community

FIDO-Dev — Connect with other developers and some of the specification authors and editors through the FIDO-Dev mailing list.

The Nok Nok developer program helps developers learn how to deploy FIDO-based strong authentication into existing native mobile applications and web applications using any FIDO protocols including UAF, U2F, and the latest FIDO2 WebAuthn standards.

The Yubico Developer Program provides resources to enable rapid implementation of strong authentication for web and mobile applications – including access to FIDO2 and WebAuthn resources.

The Singular Key JumpStart Program provides free API keys and a FIDO Certified secure authentication service to help developers easily implement frictionless access for native mobile and web applications using the latest FIDO protocols.

FIDO Specifications

Download the FIDO Specifications — All of the FIDO specifications are free to download, and this link gives a quick overview of each of the documents in the specifications.

Certified Solutions

FIDO Certified Products List — Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution, an SDK, or professional services the companies on FIDO’s Certified Product List are ready to help.

FIDO Membership

For the most insight and access to early information, become a FIDO member to take part in relevant Technical Working Groups