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FIDO Alliance at Identiverse 2024

May 28 @ 8:00 am May 31 @ 5:00 pm PDT, Las Vegas, Nevada

Identiverse 2024: May 28-31 • ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Attend FIDO Alliance Sessions at Identiverse 2024

Masterclass: Fundamentals of Passkeys

Tuesday, May 28 • Mariposa 8 • 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

Join the FIDO Alliance for a masterclass focused on the fundamentals of passkeys from tech and business perspectives. The masterclass will cover:

  1. Passkeys 101
    • Hear a deep dive on passkeys, including what they are, how they work, why the FIDO Alliance has introduced them, and how you should be thinking about them in your authentication strategy
  2. Progress on Passkey Portability
    • Get a glimpse of new specifications that allow seamless + secure switching between passkey providers
  3. Building the Business Case for Passkeys
    • Learn how to be a passkey champion in your organization +  learn about the real business benefits that can be achieved through passkey deployment, including faster sign-ins, Higher success rates, Reduced abandonment, and Significant cost savings compared to SMS OTP
    • Hear insights from Air New Zealand, a passkey deployer that is realizing these benefits today

Attendees will come away from this masterclass with a solid foundation of passkeys to inform the rest of their Identiverse experience.

Get the session details by visiting the Identiverse website: https://identiverse.com/idv24/session/2089466/


  • Megan Shamas, Senior Director of Marketing, FIDO Alliance
  • David Turner, Senior Technical Director, FIDO Alliance
  • Nick Steele, Product Manager, 1Password
  • Anthony Kemp, Product Platform Owner, IAM, Air New Zealand

Session: FIDO, Passkeys and the State of Passwordless

Wednesday, May 29 • Joshua 10 • 2:35 pm – 3:00 pm

Two years of passkeys, and billions of enabled accounts – will the password finally die? Join this session to find out the state of passwordless authentication from the FIDO lens, answer those lingering questions around passkey adoption, how to overcome the challenges we still face, and what we can all do to hasten passwordless adoption. Get the session details by visiting the Identiverse website: https://identiverse.com/idv24/session/2089529/

Speaker: Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director & CEO, FIDO Alliance

Keynote: The Power of Passwordless

Thursday, May 30 • Juniper Ballroom • 9:30 am – 10:00 am

As organizations globally grapple with the imperative to enhance cybersecurity and streamline user experiences, going passwordless has emerged as a pivotal strategy. This panel discussion offers a unique opportunity to delve into the real-world experiences of C-suite leaders who have led their organizations into the realm of passwordless authentication with passkeys. Get the session details by visiting the Identiverse website: https://identiverse.com/idv24/session/2089484/

Speaker: Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director & CEO, FIDO Alliance

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