Download the “2019 State of Authentication Report” by Javelin Research

The report, sponsored by FIDO Alliance, analyzes the state of customer and enterprise (employee) authentication amongst U.S. businesses. It examines how strong authentication is evolving, and offers a detailed breakdown on the factors influencing industries’ adoption of authentication solutions.

Javelin Strategy & Research’s “The State of Strong Authentication 2019″ contains an analysis on the state of consumer and enterprise authentication among U.S. businesses and the role that strong authentication is playing in protecting accounts and securing access to valuable data and critical systems.

Download the report now to find out:

  • What technologies enterprise and consumer-facing businesses should be considering for strong authentication, including cryptographically-backed authentication and how it differs from traditional forms of authentication like SMS OTPs
  • The role of regulation including PSD2, GDPR and state privacy laws in driving strong authentication adoption
  • What strong authentication holdouts should know about data protection and threats in 2019
  • How cryptographically-backed strong authentication has been standardized by FIDO Alliance and W3C, and is available today in browsers and mobile app platforms
  • How Google, Tradelink, and Visa are using FIDO standards to provide stronger protection for customer and employee accounts

Download the “The State of Authentication Report


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