Statistics Illustrate the problems with passwords and how FIDO provides a scalable solution

The FIDO Alliance maintains a large database of industry statistics related to legacy authentication methods, as well as successes companies have achieved by deploying FIDO. The statistics on the Alliance homepage come from these sources: 

The Password Problem


Hacking-related breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords

Source: Verizon Data Breach Report


Rise in malicious phishing emails since q4 2022

Source: SlashNext 2023 State of Phishing Report


Rise in credential phishing in particular since q4 2022

Source: SlashNext 2023 State of Phishing Report


Consumers have noticed phishing messages become more sophisticated in last 60 days

Source: FIDO Alliance 2023 Authentication Barometer

The Benefits of FIDO are Clear


time reduction

Source: Mercari 


Improvement in sign-in success rate (vs passwords)

Source: Google


Reduction in abandonment rates

Source: Air New Zealand


Password reset reduction

Source: HYPR


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