In September 2018, began supporting FIDO2 as an option for multi-factor authentication. The security experts at were seeking to reduce the volume of users opting for SMS for multi-factor authentication by offering a more secure option. The security team used an iterative approach to deploy FIDO2 authentication and are continuously making improvements based on user feedback and platform needs. This webinar tells the story of the implementation of FIDO2 and discusses their roadmap for future improvements.


FIDO Seminar at RSAC: The State of Authentication 2024: The Global Progress Past Passwords

FIDO Alliance’s seminar at RSAC 2024 included the latest with FIDO authentication and passkeys – and more!…

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FIDO Paris Seminar: Mastering Passkeys, the Future of Secure Authentication:

FIDO Alliance and host sponsor Thales held a one-day seminar in Paris for a comprehensive dive…

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Webinar: Making FIDO Deployments Accessible to Users with Disabilities

In achieving FIDO Alliance’s mission of more secure and password-free authentication, we must ensure the…

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