A multifunctional external authenticator usable with any device via USB, Bluetooth, or NFC. Utilizing decentralized step-up biometrics – fingerprint, voice, handwriting – to enable passwordless login and digital signing of documents (QES). All via FIDO without the need to install any additional client app.

The Crayonic solution includes a secure backup and recovery of keys using a multi-party computing scheme. We also support legacy use cases like PIV, X.509 certificate issuing, and password management (via Bitwarden integration) to facilitate a smooth transition to becoming a passwordless organization.

The Crayonic KeyVault is a FIDO2 L1 certified device that relies on a CC EAL5+ certified secure element for cryptographic operations. The KeyVault utilizes embedded machine learning algorithms to authenticate the user via voice and handwriting (PIN/passcode), recognizing both the content as well as unique biometric characteristics. KeyVault provides all three factors – possession, knowledge, and inherence – in a single secure and offline device. Key Vault can also serve as a physical access key.