Membership Application

The FIDO Alliance welcomes all organizations interested in helping to create a more secure online ecosystem for users and businesses. Membership allows your organization to participate in the definition of a standard protocol for secure authentication. By participating in developing the technical standard, and in planning and executing the Alliance’s marketing, certification and deployment programs, your organization will gain a thorough understanding of how authentication is evolving to ensure a secure internet for the future.

To join the FIDO Alliance, please follow the membership application steps below:

Step One: Read, Complete, and Sign Documents

  1. Read, complete page 37, and complete and sign page 38 of the FIDO Alliance Membership Agreement
    The FIDO Alliance Membership Agreement is available in Chinese and in Japanese for reading/reference purposes only.
  2. Read the FIDO Alliance Bylaws
    The FIDO Alliance Bylaws are available in Japanese for reading/reference purposes only.
  3. Read the FIDO Alliance IPR Summary, New Patent Policy FAQ, and FIDO Alliance Legacy IPR Summary.
  4. Read the FIDO Alliance Code of Conduct.

Step Two: Submit Documents to FIDO Alliance

  1. Send all of the following to FIDO Alliance at

    1. All 43 pages of the completed and signed FIDO Alliance Membership Agreement

    2. Two (2) copies of your company logo – one web-ready version (.PNG or .JPG, 72 dpi) and one print-ready version (.EPS, .AI or .PDF, 300 dpi)

Step Three: FIDO Alliance Receipt of Membership Application

A representative from FIDO Alliance will contact you regarding your membership application and notify you of any further instructions.

Step Four: Membership Application Approval

Upon approval of your membership application, a representative from FIDO Alliance will notify you that your membership application is approved. You will receive a countersigned FIDO Alliance Membership Agreement and other information regarding your membership benefits.

An invoice will be issued to the billing contact you provided in the agreement for annual membership fees with payment instructions (prorated for the first year based on the time of joining).

Questions? Please click here to contact us with questions about joining the FIDO Alliance.