Many industry pros are increasingly channeling their inner Bill Gates in 2004 and predicting the decline of the password. The PW prognosticating demonstrates some confidence in the IT world that a passwordless infrastructure is now sufficiently in place. “The most notable shift over the past couple of years has been that every major platform vendor is now supporting open standards for passwordless authentication that are in their flagship operating systems. So, this means for the first time that virtually every modern computing device has the capability to support passwordless authentication,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director and chief marketing officer at FIDO. 


Intelligent Health.Tech: Site security: Passwordless fingerprint authentication

Thales has announced the SafeNet IDPrime FIDO Bio Smart Card – a security key that…

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StateTech Magazine: How Passwordless Authentication Supports Zero Trust

Utilizing FIDO passkeys addresses security risks associated with password-based systems which often lead to account takeovers,…

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TechTarget: How passwordless helps guard against AI-enhanced attacks

In the age of generative AI, phishing scams (which already account for 90% of data…

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