Megan Shamas, Director of Marketing, FIDO Alliance

Over the last several years, eIDAS regulation has been widely adopted by the EU member states, and several eIDAS-compliant services and eID schemes have been rolled out across Europe.

eIDAS stands for “electronic identification, authentication and trust services.” It builds the legal basis for cross-border interoperability of electronic identification, authentication, and electronic signatures amongst EU Member States. eIDAS is meant to enable mutual recognition of eID and trust services across the EU in a regulated, secure and private manner. In a world where transactions are increasingly digital and without borders, this recognition and trust is essential.

FIDO Authentication is a natural fit for the delivery of services that meet eIDAS regulations, and many of our members are working with governments and service providers to enable secure and seamless electronic interactions throughout the EU. To give an overview and more in-depth details on how FIDO and eIDAS intersect, we’ve released two new white papers. The first, “Introduction of FIDO and eIDAS Services” serves as an introductory white paper describing the relationship between FIDO2 standards and eIDAS compliant schemes that can accommodate modern authentication protocols. The second, “Using FIDO with eIDAS Services” is a more detailed look at how FIDO can be used with eIDAS services, including architectural concepts for integration of FIDO2 into the eIDAS interoperability framework.

Sebastian Elfors, Solutions Architect at Yubico, the lead contributor for the new papers, had this to say about the intersection of FIDO and eIDAS:

“The modern FIDO standard, and its wide adoption by the largest IT-companies all over the globe, provides a viable framework for expanding and modernizing eIDAS services across Europe. In the intersection between eIDAS and FIDO, there are a number of emerging deployment scenarios that will benefit the public sector in the European Union. There are already several eID schemes being notified by the EU Commission this year, the number of Qualified Trust Service Providers are constantly growing, and more government services are enabling cross-border eID support.”

To expand on this topic and information in the new white papers, Sebastian will join our executive director and CMO Andrew Shikiar to lead a webinar on May 28 at 15:00 CEST. The webinar will include:

  • An introduction to eIDAS
  • An overview on how to use FIDO as part of an eID scheme
  • An overview on using FIDO2 for authentication to Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs)

There will be time for Q&A, so please bring your questions! 

Register for the eIDAS webinar here.

Speakers: Sebastian Elfors, Senior Solutions Architect, Yubico and Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and CMO, FIDO Alliance

Download the Introduction to FIDO & eIDAS Services white paper here.

For details, including architectural concepts for integration of FIDO2 into the eIDAS interoperability framework, please read the complementary white paper, “Using FIDO with eIDAS Services.”


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