FIDO Developer Challenge 2022 – India

FIDO Authentication is the answer to the world’s password problem. Based on free and open standards from the FIDO Alliance, FIDO Authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with simpler and stronger login experiences across websites and apps.

FIDO Developer Challenge 2022 – India is part of our mission to educate, support and drive adoption in the market.  This year’s updated program will build upon the success we’ve had with the challenge programs over the past three years, and now focused on Indian market.  We are focusing the challenge program to engage and empower local developers to accelerate service deployment with out-of-box ideas.

Simply implement FIDO into your existing or envisioned products and services, anywhere from Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Retail, Blockchain, Healthcare, Public Service, Game, Education, AI to Metaverse. 

Go passwordless by implementing the FIDO to win prizes and be recognized among the FIDO community!


The program is divided into the following schedule:

  • September 12th: Application submission period ends
  • September 26th: Initial screenings done and invite up to 20 teams to the next stage
  • November 28th: FIDO implementation period ends
  • December 12th: Online evaluation ends
  • December 27th: Announce the top 3 teams
  • Mid January: Present to FIDO India Working Group members and join award ceremony

*The above schedule may change with advance notification. (The application submission deadline has been extended from August 12th to September 12th.)


  • Certification issued by FIDO Alliance
  • Gifts and goods from FIDO members
  • Opportunity to give a presentation at FIDO Alliance India Working Group event (on or offline)
  • Pitch opportunity at FIDO Alliance global event (online)


The program is open to students, individual developers or pre-seed stage companies in India only. The team members must be above the age of majority at the time of entry.


The World Economic Forum assesses that cybercrime costs the global economy $2.9 million every minute; about 80% of the attacks targeted passwords. The Gartner Group’s recent research indicates that 20~25% of all helpdesk calls are password reset requests. FIDO Alliance’s recent survey on consumer behavior says that 58% of abandoned online purchases are due to the difficulty of managing passwords.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is warning that cyber criminals are targeting local online users, using phishing attacks, the fraud when an attacker masquerading as a trusted entity, tricks a victim into clicking evil links to steal sensitive information like passwords, login credentials and One Time Passwords (OTP). According to the year 2020 data published by National Crime Record Bureau in India, there were 4,047 cases of online banking fraud, while OTP frauds counting 1,093 of them.

Although the shared-knowledge based authentication, using passwords and one-time password (OTP) have always been the weakest link in cybersecurity, adaptation of passwordless authentication has been a challenging task.

The recent global pandemic has drastically accelerated the willingness of and the need for organizations to embrace passwordless FIDO Authentication. The growing number of devices supporting FIDO coupled with the availability of a public WebAuthn API makes this challenge more addressable than ever before.

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