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User Authentication Interop Testing Event (Remote)

September 18, 2023 September 22, 2023

Interoperability Testing Event: FIDO2 & FIDO UAF

Overview: interoperability testing events are a forum for implementers to gather and validate that their implementations are compatible with each other. Interoperability testing is also a functional requirement for server and authenticator product certifications. 

All testing is completed remotely. Given the testing environment, participants that are completing testing for an authenticator should be prepared to set up both web camera viewing and screen sharing capability so that the interoperability steps can be visually verified as they are performed, including all actions being performed on all devices.  

Each implementer will test their implementation with those of other implementers. For example, a FIDO2 Server will test with all FIDO2 Authenticators present at an event; likewise, a UAF Client/Authenticator will test with all UAF Servers. For each combination of participants, the corresponding UAF and FIDO2 testing procedures listed below will be performed. Implementations showing that they can pass the testing procedures with all the other implementations at the event, or that can show that any failed testing procedures are not due to their implementations being non-conformant with the FIDO specifications, will pass the interoperability event and remain eligible for proceeding to the next certification step.

Prerequisites: prior to registering for an interoperability event, an implementation must pass conformance testing self‐validation and the implementation must not be changed before the interoperability event. Participants must register at least 12 days prior to the event. A FIDO Certification Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required to protect all test participants’ confidential information. If not previously completed, please contact certification@fidoalliance.org. A copy of the NDA can be found here.

Implementers are strongly advised to participate in pre-testing. Pre-testing is scheduled to take place the week prior to each event. The intent of pre-testing is to give the companies that will be participating in the interoperability event the ability to exchange software, metadata, and test with each other ahead of the event. For those implementers that opt-in to pre-testing, their contact information will be shared with other implementers ahead of the event so that they may communicate with each other to share the appropriate information and perform pre-testing.

Cancellation: in the event that there are not enough implementations to hold an interoperability testing event, the event will be canceled and potential participants will be notified 10 days before the event.

Availability: interoperability events are held at least once every 90 days for active versions of the specifications, this includes all versions that have not yet reached a sunset date. A schedule of all upcoming events can be found here.