Consumer Password and Passkey Trends: World Password Day 2024

Consumers are adopting passkeys at a rapid pace in 2024. With large global consumer brands, such as Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google, Hyatt, Nintendo, PayPal, Playstation, Shopify and TikTok enabling passkey technology for their users, more than 13 billion accounts can now leverage passkeys for sign-in. 

To commemorate World Password Day 2024, the FIDO Alliance released an independent study of 2,000 people across the U.S. and U.K. to understand how passkey usage and consumer attitudes towards authentication are evolving. This eBook reveals the 2024 trends with consumer passkey awareness, including how many people have adopted passkeys and their opinions on the new era of passwordless authentication.

Highlights from the research show consumer passkey awareness and adoption are on the rise:

  • A majority of people are aware of passkey technology (62%).
  • Over half reported enabling passkeys on at least one of their accounts (53%).
  • When they adopt at least one passkey, nearly 1 out of 4 enables a passkey whenever possible (23%).
  • A majority believe passkeys are more secure (61%) and more convenient than passwords (58%).

Read the full results of the survey in this eBook and learn how passkey adoption is trending with consumers and organizations to improve global digital access, authentication, and security.