FIDO Alliance and host sponsor Thales held a one-day seminar in Paris for a comprehensive dive into passkeys. The seminar provided an exploration of the current state of passwordless technology, detailed discussions on how passkeys work, their benefits, practical implementation strategies and considerations, and case studies. 

Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with those who are currently implementing FIDO technology through open Q&A, networking and exhibits to get first-hand insights on how to move their own passkey deployments forward.

View the seminar slides below:


FIDO Masterclass

Learn how FIDO Authentication works, and why its a simpler, stronger login experience. Plus, learn…

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The State of Strong Authentication

Passwordless Authentication – the next breakthrough in secure digital transformation. Learn about the best laid…

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The Value of Certification

Hear from FIDO’s Dr. Rae Rivera about the value of product certification, including FIDO Certification…

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