Passkeys promise a future without passwords, where we access our accounts as easily as we unlock our phones, with a much higher level of security. “It’s the closest to something that can be scaled to get rid of passwords that we’ve ever seen,” said Megan Shamas, senior director of marketing at industry association FIDO Alliance. A passkey is a digital authentication credential that is securely stored on your device. Instead of what Shamas called a “shared secret” method of passwords, passkeys are a unique key pair for every online service you use bound to the domain. 


InfoSecurity Magazine: #Infosec2024: CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

Passwordless systems, even if they stop short of a full zero-trust environment, improve convenience as…

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SC Media: Identiverse 2024: Deepfakes, passkeys and more

Two predominant themes stood out at last week’s Identiverse 2024 conference in Las Vegas. First,…

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CXMToday: Visa Unveils Card Updates

Built on the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards, the Visa Payment Passkey Service confirms a…

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