Executive Director of the FIDO Alliance, Andrew Shikiar, emphasized the potential for over 7 billion accounts enabled to use passkeys at the end of 2023. Supported by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, these tech giants worked with FIDO to establish a standardized passkey system using certificates compliant with WebAuthn.


What is a passkey? Why Apple is betting on password-free tech

The digital realm has long struggled with the vulnerabilities inherent in password-based authentication systems. With…

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The Register: AWS is pushing ahead with MFA for privileged accounts. What that means for you.

AWS is making multi-factor authentication (MFA) mandatory for privileged users, specifically management account root users…

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IT Brew: FIDO Alliance announces identity-proofing certification

FIDO’s Face Verification Certification tests for security, liveness, and bias in remote identity verification technology…

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