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Token2 is a cybersecurity company specialized in the area of multifactor authentication. Founded in 2014 by a team of researchers and graduates from the University of Geneva with years of experience in the field of strong security and multifactor authentication, Token2 has invented, designed, and developed various hardware and software solutions for user-friendly and secure authentication. Token2 is headquartered in Versoix, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.


Token2, a proud member of the FIDO Alliance, earned its initial FIDO certificate in 2019 and has been providing a variety of FIDO security keys for over 5 years. In addition to regular FIDO2 keys, Token2 is thrilled to introduce its highly anticipated PIN+ series, a groundbreaking line of FIDO2 Security keys that recently received certification from the FIDO Alliance. These cutting-edge security keys introduce advanced PIN complexity rules that redefine the standard for security.

Distinguished by their superior PIN complexity rules, the PIN+ series outperforms competitors, even those with FIPS certification. This series not only raises the security bar but also delivers exceptional performance.

Available in three versatile form factors – USB-A, USB-Type-C, and a Dual-port design featuring both Type A and Type C ports – the PIN+ series is equipped with an embedded NFC chip, further enhancing functionality and usability.

PIN+ keys implement specific complexity rules for both numeric and alphanumeric PINs, ensuring robust security measures. For numeric PINs, a minimum length of 6 digits is enforced, while rules restrict sequential or repeated patterns, as well as mirror or palindrome numbers. Alphanumeric PINs, on the other hand, require a minimum length of 10 characters, with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and special characters from at least two of the specified categories. These stringent complexity rules aim to fortify security, preventing the use of easily guessable or weak PINs or passwords.

Join us in embracing the future of secure authentication with Token2’s PIN+ series – setting new standards for FIDO2 Security keys, backed by the esteemed certification from the FIDO Alliance.


Token2 PIN+ FIDO2 Securty Keys
See the PIN+ PIN Complexity in action

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