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FIDO TechNotes: A Detailed Look at FIDO U2F v1.2

Written by Megan Shamas on .

Yuriy Ackermann, Sr. Certification Engineer, FIDO Alliance The FIDO Alliance is  pleased to announce the release of the FIDO U2F version 1.2 specification. Since the last two versions, there’s been structural changes, improvements, updates and new security features. Below, we take a detailed...

FIDO TechNotes: Channel Binding and FIDO

Written by admin on .

By Dirk Balfanz, Google In the summer of 2011, users in Iran were subject to a man-in-the-middle attack: Someone had stolen TLS certificates from the Dutch Certification Authority DigiNotar, and was using them to impersonate Google and many other destinations on the Internet in Iran. In addition...

FIDO TechNotes: There is No Privacy Without Security

Written by Jeremy Stanek on .

Today is Data Privacy Day 2016 and, as a Champion organization, we want to join in the conversation on the importance of respecting user privacy online, and the ways FIDO authentication standards do just that. To this end, we have released today the ”FIDO Privacy White Paper,” which describes...