Wega 3DSA 2.0 Acoustic Card

Product Category:Contactless Smart Card
Product Company:TRUXTUN Capital
Product Specification:UAF

With Wega® AuDioCard, validated by MasterCard, and 3DSA 2.0® Strong Authentication Solutions, TRUXTUN Capital provides a universal payments system and smart, trusted and secure solution across all channels, in-store, online and mobile commerce. TRUXTUN Capital is the only company in the market that has developed the familiar and convenient credit card size form factor into a self-powered, multi-purpose electronic transaction and identity authentication device which offers the highest level of security available today.

With Wega®, TRUXTUN Capital is Official Partner of Manchester City® et New York City® Football Clubs.


TRUXTUN Capital focuses on development and launch of disruptive digital recognition technologies. The Company has developed multi-channel & multi-factor solutions, based on Universal Strong Authentication Factors. TRUXTUN Capital has a broad and international patents portfolio.

Based in Switzerland, the Company conducts most of its businesses at the international level.

Member of FIDO Alliance, initial target will be Government, banking and financial services market which has increasing occurrence of identity theft, financial losses, and a large customer base that has insufficient confidence in the security of online banking.

The company is acting in the “e- security” and “m-security” market niche and delivers complete IAM solutions.

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