Transmit Security BindID

Product Category:Biometric Authenticator, SDK, Server
Product Company:Transmit Security
Product Region(s):AMERICAS, ASIA-PACIFIC, Europe_Middle_East
Product Specification:FIDO2

BindID™ is the industry’s first app-less, strong portable authenticator that uses device-based biometrics for secure, convenient and consistent customer authentication. With one-click to create new or sign into existing accounts, BindID eliminates passwords and the inconveniences of traditional credential-based logins. Shared trust at the user, device, and network levels, allows other biometric-enabled devices such as laptops and tablets to be associated with accounts, provides secure device re-enrollment, and delivers up-to-date profile information across the entire BindID member network. Organizations get an accurate and frictionless customer authenticator that is easy to deploy into any channel and doesn’t require specialized applications.

Transmit Security provides advanced authentication and risk management solutions to the largest enterprises in the world. Its mission is to enable organizations to deliver advanced identity use cases that improve the user experience, enhance security, and meet compliance mandates at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional identity solutions. From the industry’s first app-less biometric authenticator to its state-of-the-art low-code identity orchestration platform, Transmit Security is a recognized leader in identity and risk innovation, solving the most critical authentication and risk challenges across the entire organization from the data center to the cloud.

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