TapID(tm) Mobile Account FIDO U2F NFC Security Card

Product Category:Security Key - NFC
Product Company:SurePassID, Corp.
Product Specification:U2F

TapID Mobile Account Security Card is FIDO U2F Certified for NFC Contactless Authentication.TapID NFC Card offers strong authentication via FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) with a simple tap to your NFC-enabled mobile phones.

TapID can be loaded into a bank-branded EMV chip card to turn the debit/credit card into a powerful mobile account authenticator – just Tap ‘n Go!

No batteries, no moving parts, convenient, small credit card size that fits in your wallet.

TapID NFC Card is durable, water-resistant and virtually indestructible — can be printed in an ID badge printer or custom graphics of your own design — perfect for tap ‘n go authentication applications.

Developers can use the SurePassID SDK to embed Tap ‘n Go authentication into Android mobile apps.


SurePassID is a security software company that specializes in providing information security and authentication solutions to users of digital systems.  SurePassID offers identity authentication products and services designed for both enterprise information and IoT security needs and mass consumer markets.

SurePassID transforms existing security systems into state-of-the-art authentication for online access, mobile payments, enterprise, and IoT – without a requirement for passwords, to essentially eliminate cyber fraud and protect digital identities.

SurePassID was the first to offer a security solution with revolutionary authentication technology based on a new password-less security standard defined by the Fido Alliance. The Fido Alliance was founded by a coalition of companies such as Google, PayPal, NXP, and MasterCard. SurePassID is one of the few companies with a complete Fido Certified product line, and is the predominant digital identity solution provider for password-less authentication for online and mobile applications and IoT products.

We are experts in identity security, cyber security, enterprise systems and mobility systems.  We are also business leaders who have over 100 years combined experience in various industries.  We are passionate about helping businesses and users protect their digital data and identities with innovative solutions that reduce the risk of a breach or cyber attack.

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