StrongKey Tellaro

Product Category:Server
Product Company:StrongKey
Product Specification:FIDO2, U2F

The StrongKey Tellaro is a “crypto swiss-army knife” server to perform cryptographic functions through webservices, while freeing up application developers to focus on business functionality. The Tellaro bundles encryption, tokenization, key management, and strong authentication in an affordable, easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage appliance. Capable of scaling to meet your security needs, the E-series comes standard with a 140-2 Level 2 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and has a Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM) as an available option, while the T-series is equipped with a 140-2 Level 2 TPM and is easily configurable to deploy in tandem with the E-series for greater deployment flexibility.


StrongKey (formerly StrongAuth, Inc.) is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California and Durham, North Carolina. As the leader in enterprise key management infrastructure, StrongKey is bringing new levels of capability and data security at a price point significantly lower than other solutions on the market.

Providing products and services in symmetric key management, encryption, tokenization and PKI, StrongKey is focused on securing data in cloud computing, e-commerce, healthcare, finance and other sectors mandating protection of sensitive data. StrongKey’s solutions are installed at customer sites around the world and are key components of mission-critical business operations.

StrongKey has defined a unique web application architecture to enable secure cloud computing, which not only ensures strong security of sensitive data in the public cloud, but also does so at lower costs than companies currently spend on enterprise security.

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