Product Category:Biometric Authenticator
Product Company:Shenzhen National Engineering Laboratory of Digital Television Co.,Ltd.
Product Specification:UAF

NELDTV TV Remote is a FIDO UAF certified TV Remote control for Bluetooth Low Energy connections. It enables TV users – with the single push of a button – to securely log and transact to their online TV applications without mobile phone.

NELDTV TV Remote has integration of national EAL4+ security chip and support Android-like Smart TV devices.


With a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, Shenzhen National Engineering Laboratory of Digital Television Co.,Ltd. was co-founded by some 10 enterprises and public institutions including Media Group, Konka, Skyworth, an effort spearheaded by Shenzhen StateMicro Holdings Co., Ltd. and orchestrated by the National.

The Engineering Laboratory focuses on the technological innovation of digital television terminals and industrial promotion, including operating system support, open interactive software application, intelligent input device, multi-source content access, home interconnection technology, optimization of the new generation of human-machine interface, and content protection on interface.

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