DIGIPASS SecureClick

Product Category:Security Key - Bluetooth, Security Key - USB
Product Company:VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
Product Specification:U2F

DIGIPASS SecureClick is a FIDO U2F certified device for both USB and Bluetooth Low Energy connections. DIGIPASS SecureClick enables users – with the single push of a button – to securely complete access to their online applications on PCs. One simple solution means users can connect anywhere to everywhere easily, quickly and securely without the burden of having to remember multiple passwords.

For PCs that do not support BLE, VASCO offers our DIGIPASS Bluetooth Bridge with USB dongle. When you insert the dongle into the USB port of a computer, (effectively pairing the DIGIPASS SecureClick with the DIGIPASS Bluetooth Bridge), you can use the DIGIPASS SecureClick like a FIDO U2F USB device. Additionally, DIGIPASS SecureClick requires no user interaction to start working immediately on any mobile device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.


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