Product Category:Commercial Deployment
Product Company:SK Planet
Product Region(s):ASIA-PACIFIC
Product Specification:UAF

11st is an online marketplace where not only individuals and small merchants but big brand names, department stores, and even supermarket chains also freely interact and engage in commercial transactions. 11st provides customers online and mobile access to quality products at affordable prices, with assurance that all transactions will be carried out in a secure manner.

Trading on 11st is a win-win for both buyers and sellers, as customers can use loyalty points and diverse coupons to pay for goods, while sellers can reach over 23 million potential customers with their 48 million products and services. Furthermore, 11st has been recognized as a credible online marketplace for its 24-hour customer service center, Seller Authentication System, and four-phase Purchase Protection System that consists of anti-counterfeit policy, lowest price guarantee program, late delivery compensation, and customer error compensation.

By adopting the FIDO Authentication solution, 11st customers can simply touch their finger or watch camera on their device with biometric templates such as fingerprint and iris for login to their account and payments.


SK Planet is committed to operating Commerce Platform and Marketing Platform businesses while focusing on the Integrated & Personalized Commerce.

SK Planet has evolved into a global service provider that has already advanced into some key overseas markets.

Our aim is to become a global leader in the field of Integrated & Personalized Commerce by utilizing our customer and market insights and driving technology and service innovation.

We will also continue challenging ourselves towards a better future with unwavering confidence.

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