In a recent identity and authentication conference, Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director of the FIDO Alliance, declared 2023 as the “year of the passkey,” citing 8 billion user accounts with passkey access. Shikiar also emphasized the importance of passkeys in enhancing security, streamlining customer experiences, and gradually eliminating the reliance on traditional passwords, while acknowledging ongoing challenges and gaps in support across different industries and platforms.


Biometric Update: FIDO Alliance showcases ecosystem of FIDO certified products

Biometric Update reports on the new FIDO Certified showcase, which provides deploying organizations with a…

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CNET: Facebook now lets you lock down logins with a key

CNET reports that social media giant Facebook is now enabling users to lock down their…

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Ars Technica: Now there’s a better way to prevent Facebook account takeovers

Facebook is joining a handful of online services—including Google, Dropbox, GitHub, and Salesforce—in supporting security…

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