Holistic Authentication: Closing the Gaps in Your Passwordless Strategy

With 84% of organizations having experienced an identity-related breach in the last year, investments in identity security are at an all-time high. On top of that, many are moving away from legacy approaches to authentication and toward a passwordless future. For organizations that have a heterogeneous IT ecosystem and varying internal requirements, the path to […]

Combining the Old and the New: Best Practices for FIDO2 and PIV for Zero Trust

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Securing all your users and implementing a Zero Trust strategy isn’t easy. A strong authentication strategy is a critical starting point, and doing so with FIDO2 is a smart step forward. But what are some practices to deliver on enterprise-wide strong authentication? Can FIDO2 fit the bill, or do we need more tools in our […]

How the Peel Regional Police Found the Right Authentication Solution for Them

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The Peel Regional Police (PRP) team is the second largest municipal police service in Canada with 2,100 uniformed members and close to 875 support staff. Composed of five major divisions supported by community police stations, the team is responsible for a broad range of policing duties from airport security and traffic to community-related services and […]


Augmenting Identity Security with CBA—Even with an Existing IAM System in Place

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Certificate-based authentication (CBA) is fast becoming the preferred approach for authentication with organizations that are looking for a more-secure, phishing-resistant form of multi-factor authentication (MFA). This approach not only addresses recent White House mandates to strengthen overall cybersecurity practices, but it also delivers operational benefits that are critical for organizations that need to manage the […]