August 12, 2022

Forbes: Why MFA Falls Short And What Can Be Done About It

Stu Sjouwerman, founder, and CEO of KnowBe4 Inc shares his thoughts on how MFAs fell short in data security. A Verizon research report says that 82% of all cyberattacks fall on human error (stolen credentials, phishing, misuse). For a hacker to successfully gain access to credentials they need some level of human involvement to get around MFA defences. Some common phishing techniques include, MiTM attacks, SIM-swapping attacks, “Pass-the-cookie” attacks, and MFA fatigue. The strongest forms of MFAs are based on FIDO2 standards that enables users to access resources through biometrics. The deployment of FIDO2 eliminates the risk of phishing attacks but ensuring users are well trained to identify cyberthreats is just as important if not more.

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