April 5, 2017

FIDO Certified Products Reach 335: How to Make the Most out of Certification

Adam Powers, technical director, FIDO Alliance

The FIDO ecosystem the world’s largest for interoperable, standards-based authentication keeps growing with new deployments (Facebook! eBay!) and new FIDO® Certified products hitting the market. We’re happy to announce more growth on the certification front, with FIDO Certified products now up to 335.

FIDO Certified products and solutions are diverse and flexible, providing some truly innovative user experiences and this latest round of products is no different. Organizations with new FIDO Certified products announced today include: AhnLab; Dayside; FacePhi Biometria, SA; HYPR CORP; Mobile-ID Technologies and Services Joint Stock Company; Shenzhen Excelsecu Data Technology Co., Ltd.; and SMART TECHNOLOGIES INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT Co.,Ltd (STID).

In our last certification update, we talked about the global consensus around the value of FIDO certification. Now, we want to give a few suggestions on how both deploying organizations and technology providers can make the most of FIDO certification.

For deploying organizations, perhaps the biggest benefits of deploying FIDO Certified products and solutions are out-of-the-box interoperability and access to the broad FIDO ecosystem of authenticators and other devices. You also should strongly consider including FIDO certification as a requirement in your RFP. This is the most straightforward way to ask for stronger, simpler authentication, and be assured that products conform to the FIDO specifications and truly interoperate with each other.

For technology providers, here are a few tips to make the most out of FIDO certification:

  • Use the FIDO Certified logo in your marketing materials. FIDO certification is a key differentiator from other authentication solutions. Overwhelmingly, we hear from deploying organizations that they are looking for that logo when reviewing spec sheets, brochures and websites, and visiting trade shows.
  • Join the  FIDO Alliance. While certification is open to any organization whether they are a member or non-member, membership does have its privileges. These include certification discounts and early access to new specifications. Perhaps most important, it gives organizations the ability to connect with deploying organizations some of the biggest in the world at FIDO Alliance plenary meetings, networking events, and other activities.  
  • Join the FIDO Certified Showcase. Just launched earlier this year, the showcase provides deploying organizations with a one-stop shop to learn more about the companies and products that can bring FIDO Authentication to their users. It also provides technology vendors with a powerful marketing platform. Visit http://fidoalliance.org/showcase-submission/ to learn more about how you can be featured in the FIDO Certified Showcase.

Getting started with FIDO certification is as easy as signing up to receive the test tools. And watch this space announcements about new certification programs are coming very shortly.

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