The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into effect earlier this year, ushering in the most significant change to European data protection laws in twenty years. The regulation impacts not only impact firms resident in the European Union (EU), but around the world, as any organization doing business with EU citizens must comply with the regulation.

FIDO Alliance standards were created from the outset with a “privacy by design” approach and are a strong fit for GDPR compliance. Crucially, FIDO delivers authentication with no third-party involvement or tracking between accounts and services. And when it comes to biometrics, FIDO standards prevent this information from being stored and matched in servers – it never leaves the user’s device – and FIDO(R) Certified devices do not allow for any biometric data to be captured.

This video covers:
Key GDPR considerations when deploying strong authentication
Where FIDO Authentication relates to GDPR articles on data protection, consent of data subject and data subject rights
How FIDO can help your organization meet GDPR requirements


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