2023 brings a new year and a new Congress – but America is still struggling with many of the same old problems when it comes to digital identity and authentication. Passwords keep getting phished, new account fraud keeps growing, and companies and consumers continue to struggle to prove that they are not a proverbial “dog on the Internet.” It’s becoming a major policy concern – and policymakers are considering a number of new initiatives to better protect people and combat these trends.

On January 25th, the Better Identity Coalition, FIDO Alliance, and the ID Theft Resource Center (ITRC) came together to present a policy forum looking at “Identity, Authentication, and the Road Ahead.”

This policy forum brought together leaders from government, industry, and non-profits to discuss topics including:

  • The release of the ID Theft Resource Center Annual Data Breach Report
  • The impact of identity-related cybercrime on industry and government over the last year
  • The human toll of identity theft – and the need to build inclusive digital identity systems that work for everyone
  • What to expect from the new Congress and the Biden Administration in 2023
  • Updates on new products and standards like FIDO that can make identity and authentication both more secure and easier to use
  • Discussions on what can be done to drive better identity infrastructure in America


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